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Can you guess when the first ship will enter the Port of Green Bay's shipping channel in 2019? It could be science that guides you, or maybe a little bit of luck.

Again this year, the Port of Green Bay and Greater Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau are partnering in a contest that embraces the age-old tradition of guessing the day the first ship will arrive at port. Tradition also holds, that due to weather and other shipping factors, no one knows when arrival will take place. Last year, the 2018 shipping season was kicked off on March 26th with the arrival of the Michigan Great Lakes. When do you think the first ship will arrive this year?

The person who guesses the closest date and time of the first ship's arrival, will win a prize package offered by the Port of Green Bay which includes:

Visit to submit your guess. Entries will be accepted until the first ship arrives..

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