Oversized/Overweight (OSOW) Truck Routes
to and from the Port of Green Bay


The Port of Green Bay has developed local Oversize/Overweight (OSOW) truck routes to connect to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's (DOT) truck routes to ensure OSOW loads can be transported to and from the Port as development occurs.

Legal Maximums:

Width: 8'6"
Length: 45' (1) / 75' (2)
Weight: 80,000 lbs
Height: 13'6"

Jurisdictions use the maps when reviewing street reconstruction and community development plans/proposals to avoid creating OSOW load barriers, and to enhance their usefulness as OSOW routes (burying power lines, etc.)

OSOW shippers still need to obtain permits from the affected jurisdictions to use the OSOS routes. Three jurisdictions are responsible for approving OSOW permits:

  • Brown County Highway
    • Paul Fontecchio
      Public Works Director
      (920) 662-2170
  • City of Green Bay
    • Dave Hansen
      Traffic Engineer
      (920) 448-3100
  • Village of Bellevue
    • Dave Betts
      Public Works Director
      (920) 593-5507

Additional information on OSOW High Clearance Routes can be found on the following maps.

OSOW High Clearance Truck Load Route Map for North Port Terminal

OSOW High Clearance Truck Load Route Map for South Port Terminal

For more information on the development of OSOW corridors in the Port of Green Bay, please see the following presentation:

OSOW Truck Routes in the Port of Green Bay