Strategic Plan

  1. World Class Operations
  2. Strong Business Development
  3. Enhanced Financial Development
  4. Effective Public Relations and Marking

Port Opportunity Study

The 2013 Port of Green Bay Opportunity Study is intended to identify properties within the four port-related and/or industrial use opportunity areas that, if redeveloped for port-related uses, would maximize the return on investment for the Port of Green Bay, Brown County, and Northeastern Wisconsin in terms of compatible land uses, projected employment, tax revenues, and overall contribution to the economy. The economic impact information identified by this report for each of the potential sites can then be provided to existing and prospective port operators when they are looking to expand or locate within proximity to the Port of Green Bay. Furthermore, the study identifies potential resources for the Port to utilize, including grants and services, as well as opportunities for the Port to capitalize upon, such as its designation as a Foreign Trade Zone.