Lighthouses of Green Bay 

Long Tail Point Light, 1849-1859 

The first lighthouse was built on Long Tail in the years 1847 and 1848. The lighthouse was first lit in 1848 and was in service between 1849 and 1859. In 1870 removal of the lighthouse was attempted. 


Long Tail Point Light, 1859-1899

Second Lighthouse 2.jpg

The second lighthouse, also on Long Tail, was a 2 1/2 story residence, just eat of the first lighthouse. This lighthouse was in service between 1859 and 1899. 

In 1929 the old house was severely damaged in a storm and in 1936 the keepers vacated the house and the dwelling was sold. 


Long Tail Point Light 1899-1973

3rd lighthouse.gif

In 1899 a 3rd Lighthouse with fog bell was placed on a crib at the end of Long Tail Point. The fog bell was upgraded to a compressed air fog signal in 1911. The Lighthouse was automated in 1936. In 1973 the Lighthouse was lost to a storm. News reports say 75 mph winds and 12 foot waves destroyed the Lighthouse. 


Grassy Island Range Lights, 1872-1966


A need for better navigational aid into the lower Fox River led to the Grassy Island Range Lights. Establishment of these lights was met with many delays. A cut was dredged thru Grassy Island to straighten the channel during 1866 to 1867. Eventually Lights and Dwelling were built in the spring of 1872 and Lights first lit November 15, 1872, later automated in 1934, and decommissioned in 1966. The Grassy Island Range Lights were relocated to Green Bay Yacht Club in 1967 for Historical Preservation.



*This information was taken from the Green Bay Yacht Club website. If you would like additional information regarding the history of the lighthouses in Green Bay please visit their site,